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You are the apprentice of the wizardry. You have just began your training and happened to learn your first spell: Specular Onus. However, someone has conjured a dark portal in the Wizard Tower's terrace, and the demons from Otherland started crawling all over the tower and corrupting everyone! Carry the burden of the mirror spell to defeat the threat to all magic. Save the legacy of the wizards. Save yourself.


Specula Onus.zip 14 MB


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Nice game. I like the idea and the sprites look nice too. You still have quite a bit of bug fixing to do, as the door doesn't unlock again if the game is restarted after game over and sometimes the player keeps receiving damage even after all enemies are dead. Shame you didn't make it before the deadline.

Yeah, there are a lot of bugs for sure. We are thinking of developing the idea further and polishing it a bit more, after a little rest from this past month hahah.
Thank you for having played!